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swe2 - What's this all about?

The program offered on this website solves a problem of statics the theory of the behaviour of a motionless solid body under an external load.
In particular the program concerns building panels which consist of three stuck-together layers, where each layer alone does not nearly exhibit the load-carrying capacity which they attain together.
Such panels are used, along with other applications, in commercial and industrial construction. They consist for example of two steel covers which cover a core of polyurethane foam.
The behaviour of sandwich panels is somewhat more difficult to describe and predict than the behaviour of construction elements with homogeneous, fully flexible cross sections. The calculation and thus the determination of the necessary design of construction elements which carry weight along their length is of commercial and economic value. These are the so-called "continuous beams".
The contents of this website are helpful for example for specialists who wish to make a stability survey of sandwich panels which are in use as roof covering or wall cladding.
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